How The Process Works

All new clients begin their journey with the revolutionary online Living Matrix health analysis system. The health forms are completed only online via a laptop/desktop (not tablet or phone). Each questionnaire takes approximately 1 hour to complete and the data can be saved and finished at any time.

By tracking your symptoms, health interventions and significant life events from birth to now, we can produce a visual representation of your health. This time line reveals your life’s key health events and gives you precious insights previously unseen. These factors have lead you to your current health situation and allow us to plan a route
back to health.

Once the online data gathering has been completed Simon will spend up to an hour performing a deep analysis on the information provided.

At the subsequent consultation we go over key events in more detail and discuss any previous lab testing done to
gain further clarity. At the end of the consultations you will have a clear understanding of the reasons and process’s that have lead you to your current health situation.

You will receive a written plan, which will include foundational diet changes, recommended lab testing,
supplements, lifestyle/stress management techniques, plus a copy of your living matrix questionnaire and time line


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Recovery: Realistic goals and timelines

The road to recovery will often seem like a straight line from illness to health. But the reality is there are usually turns, twists, road blocks and external factors affecting our planned route to health. This is why we always keep a flexible approach to the plan/care and flex/adapt depending on the patient needs/wants and responses.

It is important to understand the difference between a standard medical approach to symptoms and an integrative/functional one.

Whenever possible I seek to get to the root cause of health issues rather than a “quick” fix of suppressing the symptoms as will often happen with standard medical care.

Your body is simply a collection of cells which form tissue and organs and are then formed into systems, such as cardiovascular, digestive, immune and neuroendocrine.

All our systems operate via pathways, that run like a complex factory conveyor belt. They need raw material as building blocks, vitamins & minerals to help move the belt and continue the building process, plus energy to run the system.

If these become slow or halted, the end product is reduced and there is an effect at a cellular level. If left unchecked symptoms slowly develop as the whole systems move away from optimal function to malfunctioning. – resulting in a domino effect of system dysfunction.

Disease can be, and often is a long way off or may not ever materialise. But the systems are malfunctioning, creating symptoms which are often given label by the medical profession as a point of reference.

These will then be your “diagnosis”.

We seek to find the root of why the symptoms are being produced by the system.

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